Double post graduate in electronics & in business administration, having 20 years of exactitude experience in handling marketing and business in the domain of electronics, semiconductor, defence and aerospace, automotive in India and overseas market. Most of his experience has been for working in the international industry meeting the needs of the strategic electronic, automotive, and defence & aerospace sectors in India and abroad.

He possesses robust working experience & market knowledge of almost all global companies i.e entire Europe, China, South Korea, USA, UK, Canada, Russia, Japan and Middle East Countries. Being a frequent visitor of abovementioned countries, he has not only acquired international business acumen, cohesiveness & emotional intelligence to work with mostly all nationals but also has absorbed understanding of various state of art technology & products.       

He has a virtuous understanding of the requirements of this industry and knows the challenges and opportunities for the private companies in all these business segments. The personal interest that he displays, despite his varied duties, sees him not only provide the broad guidelines but also look into the smallest matter that could affect the quality of business. He pays attention to the business-related ideas of all his employees.

His extraordinary calibre and omnipresent business attitude have been the guiding spirit and driving force behind the company.  He has given the company a new sense of direction and brought a throbbing vitality that has made the conceptualization of a thought into an action.

Vibhu Saxena
Vibhu Sawroop Saxena

Owing to his international exposure on various prevailing & futuristic technology   like IOT, Artificial Intelligence, Industry 4.0, Augmented Reality, Machine learning, Digitalization of Industry production process, He is successfully playing role as strategic consultant & mentor in companies like Gigatics Automation Pvt Ltd, and Higgs Boson Systems Pvt Ltd.

He not only possesses technological knowhow but also has expertise in the smooth running of entire operations of the company in a very organised way. He has successfully managed and headed the teams of HR, Accounts, Sales & Service, and Import & Export professionals, etc. In order to generate new business, he adopted Digital Marketing platform and used it to attract new business opportunities. The concept of promoting company products & services through digital marketing has widened the customer base manifolds in a short span of time.

He believes, “Successful new business venture and economic development do not just happen; they are the result of the combination of right environment, planning, effort, and innovation. Right combination of this can only be achieved by the entrepreneurs because they provide a clear vision for modern technology, finance, and strategy. The combination of labour, technology, resources, and finance maximizes the market share. While formulating business plans, product source, marketing strategy, finance, product pricing, and customer network play a pivotal role.”

He has always shared a good bonding with all his employees because the employees are the true asset for any company as they create numerous opportunities in the unexplored segments. His charismatic interpersonal skills motivate the employees to turn any project into success. He is a very level-headed individual and he analyses the pros and cons of all business opportunities before formulating strategies.