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About Climatic Chamber

“For heating, the chamber load is exposed to defined temperatures at atmospheric pressure within a climate chamber. Thermal energy is transferred by convection and radiation to the chamber load.
In the case of cooling, on the other hand, the heat is extracted from the chamber load and released to the environment outside the climate chamber via the cooling system. The heating system can be programmed according to respective requirements with regard to energy efficiency, heating-up times, quiet running or low vibration. The energy-efficient, low-vibration and quiet running is suitable for climate tests with test temperatures close to the ambient temperature due to the advance technology which is used for both heating and cooling. The climate chamber cools again with conventional compressor technology and convinces with excellent values for uniformity of temperature and humidity. The temperature test chamber TTC /climatic test chamber CTC also cools via a compressor and is primarily designed for tests in an alternating climate.”

Use of Purpose

R&D, Validation, Process study, Impact of Environment on any of product in its entire life during operational or idle mode, manufactured by you.

Use in Application

Application for Railway, Defence, Aeronautics, metros, road, sea transports, general and specific engineering research.

Other Feature

  • Testing range of Temperature -ve to + ve , Humidity, Ramp rate for both limits.
  • Size– Available from small to big size, stand alone & integrated as per requirement for application covers wide range of Test standards worldwide.
  • Report Generation – all available formats, data transfer and management with display.

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3 thoughts on “Climatic Chamber”

  1. So far I know…Climatic chambers can also be used for Automotive application, specially for EV line…..If my idea is correct then we also need to highlight some details on the same as we are driving towards EV and future will be bright I believe.

    1. Yes…environmental chamber is used for battery testing solutions in Electric hybrid vehicles. Environmental chambers are available from small bench top chambers for testing small battery cells to large walk-in
      chambers for testing large battery packs. Temperatures range from -73°C to +190°C with an optional humidity range as low as 10% to 95%. Sizes are available from small bench top units to large walk-in rooms.

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