Differential Pressure Test

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After a long I am back with extension of the face mask/surgical mask tests & Test Methods.

In previous blog had discussed on Micron particulate filtration efficiency Test 0.1μ -(PFE)

testing of Face /Surgical Mask.

Today we will discuss on another essential Test that is called

Differential Pressure Test

Definition – It is a test that measures how easily air is passed from one side of the mask to the other. This indicates how easily the wearer can breathe through the mask, and is indicated by Delta P. Higher DP indicates air is more difficult to push through.

This test is performed on face masks and all filter material that allows 1 cubic foot per minute (CFM) flow to pass through it.

Normally above testing equipment should comply testing method as per IS 16289: 2014for India or equivalent ASTM/ISO/EN 14683 or Higher version  other continent of  globe.

Test Principal

A device which measure the pressure differential required to draw air through a measured surface area at a constant air flow rate is used to measure the air exchange pressure of surgical mask material as Shown in fig: water filed Manometers (M1 & M2) are used to measure pressure differential. A flow meter is used measurement for air flow.

Used Equipment can be as below not exact:


  • Air source: Air compressor
  • Test airflow: (8 ± 0.2) L / min
  • Sealing type: O-shaped ring seal
  • Manometer range: 0 ~ 500 Pa
  • The internal diameter of the top holder and the bottom holder in the contact area with specimen: Φ25 mm, area 4.9 cm2
  • .Test time: Adjustable Power: AC 220 V 50 Hz 1 Kw

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