Exhalation Valve Air Leak Proof Tester

Once again I am with you a new Information- about mask testing

Exhalation Valve Air Leak Proof Tester

Exhalation valves are a critical component of industrial respirators. They are designed to permit minimal inward leakage of air contaminants during inhalation and provide low resistance during exhalation. Under normal conditions, penetration of aerosol through exhalation valves is minimal.

Working-The exhalation valve acts like a check valve, permitting air to flow out of the respirator face-piece, and preventing reverse flow through the valve on inhalation. … Dry exhalation valves and valve seats will be subjected to a suction of 25 mm water-column height while in a normal operating position.

Testing Equipment

Air Leak proofness Tester (Air Tightness Tester) is mainly used for air tightness testing of masks and respirators under specified conditions. Applicable to masks, respirators and breathing valve manufacturers, quality supervision, scientific research, wearing and other units.

Air Tightness Test Machine

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