Face/surgical Mask testing- and FFP (filtering face pieces)

Purpose of Testing

To test the functionality of medical face masks for you, from microbiological-hygienic and physical perspectives.

Masks for the mouth and nose-tests-which are usually worn by doctors and care staff to protect patients or residents of care homes from pathogens spread by the medical staff.

These face masks, which are also known as “surgical masks” or “oronasal masks”, in some cases, can additionally provide protection for medical staff from splashes of potentially contaminated fluids, for example, during surgical procedures.

Use of FFP masks protect the wearer, for example medical staff, from breathing in possible pathogens from aerosols or from solid or liquid particles.

Comply Test Standards-Due to the primary field of application, medical masks must comply with the European Medical Devices Regulation 2017/745 and must meet the requirements for medical products in class 1 and the technical specifications of European standard EN 14683. ­

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