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A gun barrel is a crucial part of gun-type ranged weapons such as small firearms, artillery pieces and air guns. It is the straight shooting tube, usually made of rigid high-strength metal, through which a contained rapid expansion of high-pressure gas is introduced (via propellant combustion or mechanical compression) behind a projectile in order to propel it out of the front end (muzzle) at a high velocity. The hollow interior of the barrel is called the bore, and the diameter of the bore is called its calibre, usually measured in inches or millimetres.

The first firearms were made at a time when metallurgy was not advanced enough to cast tubes capable of withstanding the explosive forces of early cannons, so the pipe (often built from staves of metal) needed to be braced periodically along its length for structural reinforcement, producing an appearance somewhat reminiscent of storage barrels being stacked together, hence the English name.

Construction of Gun Barrel

A gun barrel must be able to hold in the expanding gas produced by the propellants to ensure that optimum muzzle velocity is attained by the projectile as it is being pushed out. If the barrel material cannot cope with the pressure within the bore, the barrel itself might suffer catastrophic failure and explode which will not only destroy the gun but also present a life-threatening danger to people nearby. Modern small arms barrels are made of carbon steel or stainless steel materials known and tested to withstand the pressures involved. Artillery pieces are made by various techniques providing reliably sufficient strength.

Fluting- In firearms terminology, fluting refers to the removal of material from a cylindrical surface, usually creating rounded grooves, for the purpose of reducing weight. This is most often done to the exterior surface of a rifle barrel, though it may also be applied to the cylinder of a revolver or the bolt of a bolt-action rifle. Most flutings on rifle barrels and revolver cylinders are straight, though helical flutings can be seen on rifle bolts and occasionally also rifle barrels. While the main purpose of fluting is just to reduce weight and improve portability, when adequately done it can retain the structural strength and rigidity and increase the overall specific strength. Fluting will also increase the surface-to-volume ratio and make the barrel more efficient to cool after firing, though the reduced material mass also means the barrel will heat up easily during firing.

There are three basic components of a gun barrel

  • Chamber
  • Bore
  • Muzzle

Gun Barrel Cleaning

In order to get a proper range of bullets, long life of the artilleries, smooth functioning, better speed of firing and safety of the person who is operating that weapon it is very important to clean the gun barrel very frequently. Because of the tiny explosion in the chamber every time you pull the trigger, residue and sediment are left on the inside of the barrel, making it essential that you take the time to clean it regularly to avoid dangerous malfunctions. Earlier the process was done manually which usually takes few days to make the tube clean, and still there might be some impurities. The automatic gun barrel cleaning system has made the task of cleaning very fast, smooth and efficient.

Gun Barrel cleaning mainly involves three things

  • Removal of firing deposits.
  • Removal of inhibiting oils
  • Application of oil to a cleaned barrel

Gun barrel cleaning system is available in different calibers like 90mm, 100 to 125mm and 152 to 155mm.

Advantages of automatic gun barrel cleaning system-

  • Fast and easy operation
  • Even the smallest holes and the most critical points can be cleaned with high accuracy.
  • No personnel is required during the cleaning operation
  • It is a cost efficient process and optimal result is guaranteed


In recent time where every country is looking forward to strengthen their army, making themselves strong in terms of artillery and powerful weapons, they need automatic gun barrel cleaning system. The cleaning system provides the best result, save time, makes the guns more effective and reduces the chances of blast which ultimately saves the life of the person operating the weapon.
As it is low in cost as well, it doesn’t make any financial burden too. Engagement of army personnel is also not required as it is extremely easy to operate and very fast in business.
This is requirement of every countries defence system.

Gun Barrel Cleaning Systems
Gun Barrel Cleaning Systems

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  1. The automated cleaning method reduces musculoskeletal disorder risks associated with cleaning gun barrels and increases military power.

    Moreover, the automated gun barrel cleaning method is an ergonomic solution that can be used for cleaning gun barrels within a short time without exposing soldiers to postural risks.

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