Important Application of Thin Film Coating

DLC for IR Optics ( Diamond like Carbon Deposition) :

What is DLC ?

DLC stands for Diamond-Like Carbon. From a material science point of view, this means that it shares many of the characteristics of diamond itself, or rather DLC emulates diamond’s properties enough to be considered similar. Some of these properties include the Hardness and the Young’s Modulus, both of which are what set diamond apart from other materials. The physical trait that dictates this similarity is the proportion of sp3 bonds within the carbon structure as compared to crystalline diamond which is solely made up of sp3 bonds. It follows that DLCs land on a spectrum of similarity to true crystalline diamond. This is a key benefit of this material because it allows such substances to be optimized to suit a particular role.    


OPTICS : DLC coating acts as a single-layer anti-reflection coating for high index substrates and it provides wear & chemical resistance for optical elements used in harsh environments.

BIO-ENGINEERING : DLC provides advantages of bio-compatibility, wear resistance, and diffusion resistance.

MECHANICAL ENGINEERING : DLC provides wear & corrosion resistance, low friction, and good thermal conductivity.


  • Space Simulation systems for testing of components and micro-satellites
  • Dielectric thin films by ion beam sputtering and reactive magnetron sputtering
  • Ion beams and plasma to enhance thin film properties
  • Surface cleaning and activation for thin film deposition by a variety of processes 


  • IR OPTICS:  Silicon, Germanium, Chalcogenide Glass
  • PLASTICS:  Ultem, Polycarbonate, Polyimide, PEEK
  • GLASS: • Crown Glass, UVFS, SF11, Sapphire
  • METALS: • Aluminum, Copper, High-carbon Steel


  • Low index DLC for adhesion on Ultem plastic substrate for MEMS devices
  • High index DLC for IR optics such as Ge & Si
  • DLC on GASIR (and similar) utilizing a second hydrocarbon gas with proprietary stress relief techniques
  • DLC on IG-6 using a binding layer
  • DLC with stress reduction

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