Splash Resistance Test

Applicable for class 3 surgical face mask-(Astm level 3) class 3 surgical masks include 4 layers of construction which offer clinicians comfort, protection, and breathability that they seek. Designed for fluid protection.

Definition of splash resistance test- ‘Resistance of medical face mask to penetration by synthetic blood’. This test method is used to evaluate the resistance of medical face masks to penetration by the impact of a small volume (~2 ml) of a high velocity stream of synthetic blood.

Splash Resistance Test
Splash Resistance Test

Splash Resistance Tester-Principle

A volume of synthetic blood is disbursed at a specimen mask by a pneumatically controlled valve from a set distance at specified pressure to simulate the impact of blood or other body fluid onto the specimen. The velocity and volume of fluid are set to simulate a given health care scenario.

Splesh Resistance Tester
Splesh Resistance Tester


  • Blood spraying distance: 300 mm ~ 310 mm adjustable
  • Needle/ canula inner Diameter: 0.084 cm
  • Canula length: 1.27 cm
  • Spraying speed: 450 cm/s, 550 cm/s, 635 cm/s
  • Stimulated synthetic Blood pressure: 10.6 kPa, 16.0 kPa, 21.3 kPa (ie 80 mmHg, 120 mmHg, 160 mmHg)

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