X ray & CT Machine

Industrial X- Ray machine:

Industrial Radiography is a modality of NDT that uses ionizing radiation to inspect materials and components with the objective of locating and quantifying defects and degradation in material properties that would lead to the failure of engineering structures.

This machine plays an important role in the science and technology needed to ensure product quality and reliability.

Industrial Radiography uses either X-rays, produced with X-ray generators, or gamma rays generated by the natural radioactivity of sealed radionuclide sources  After crossing the specimen, photons are captured by a detector, such as a silver halide film, a phosphor plate or flat panel detector. The examination can be performed in static 2D, in real time 2D, or in 3D after image reconstruction CT.

X-Ray generators:

X-ray generators produce X-rays by applying a high voltage between the cathode and the anode of an X-ray tube and in heating the tube filament to start the electron emission. The electrons are then accelerated in the resulting electric potential and collide with the anode, which is usually made of Tungsten. The X-rays that are emitted by this generator are directed towards the object to control. They cross it and are absorbed according to the object material’s attenuation coefficient this is compiled from all the cross sections of the interactions that are happening in the material.

Contrast Agents:

Defects such as delamination’s and planar cracks are difficult to detect using X-ray machine, Which is why penetrants are used to enhance the contrast in the detection of such defects, there are many penetrants which is determined by the ease with which it can  penetrate the cracks and also with which it can be removed.

In our X ray machine, we have a software which can do the following:

  • Navigator
  • Filter and Image enhanced technique
  • Measuring tools
  • Auto analysis and Defect detection
  • Automatic measurements
  • Inspection of double-sided boards

X ray machines Target application

  • PCB assembly
  • Semiconductor Moulds
  • Aluminium diecasting
  • Plastics industry
  • Welding strength

3D CT:

3D CT is a non-destructive inspection method which will give a real 3D picture of the inspected sample also the hidden and internal structures can be investigated, and the real position of defects can be determinate easily.

Which helps in process and quality control, which is a much better classification than transmission technique, has the possibility to perform dimensional measurements,

Reverse engineering is possible in this by comparing with CAD data and brought spectrum of materials can be investigated.

X ray and CT machines are majorly used in industry for inspecting the welding, casting pats, composite pieces inspection, in food inspection and in luggage control, also used in maintenance of aircraft, ballastics, turbines, In surface characterisation , coating thickness measurement.

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