Xenon Arc Weatherometer

A laboratory device which used to simulates the damaging effects of long-term outdoor exposure of materials and coatings by exposing test samples to varying conditions of the most aggressive components of weathering – light, moisture, and heat.

Xenon arc testing – Purpose

To observe/study and experience-effect on property changes of materials, including the effects of sunlight, moisture and heat, by simulating ultraviolet and visible solar radiations by means of a Weatherometer.

How Xenon Arc- Generate-Via Lamp

A xenon arc lamp is a highly specialized type of gas discharge lamp, an electric light that produces light by passing electricity through ionized xenon gas at high pressure.

Xenon headlamps in automobiles are actually metal-halide lamps, where a xenon arc is only used during start-up to correct the colour temperature.

A xenon bulb/Lamp  is a specialized type of gas discharge lamp, an electric light that produces light by passing electricity through ionized xenon gas at high pressure. Consumers are also turning to xenon retrofit kits for their head lights to replace less bright and efficient incandescent light sources.

Why is xenon used in lights?

The earth’s atmosphere is about 0.0000087% xenon. Xenon produces a brilliant white flash of light when it is excited electrically and is widely used in strobe lights. The light emitted from xenon lamps is also used to kill bacteria and to power ruby lasers.

What colour is xenon white?

Xenon headlights have a colour temperature of 4000K-6000K, which is a bright white-blue light similar to natural daylight and halogen headlights have a colour temperature of 3200-5000K, which is a warmer, yellow-white light.

Xenon Chamber Parameters

MAIN PARAMETER: Below details for reference only if matches it just co incidence

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